Industry and Solutions

Innatech’s broad portfolio of technology-enabled solutions is designed to help our clients nationwide to meet complex business challenges. Whether it’s helping organizations to improve network performance, protect their assets and information, deploying wireless technologies or achieving effective IT network management – we bring in-depth business understanding, broad experience, and wealth of solutions that enables clients in a wide range of industries to achieve their business goals. Following are some of the industry groups Innatech serves and the solutions we provide:

  • Telecommunication and Cellular Services
  • Data Centers and Hosting Companies
  • Public and Private Business Premises
  • Construction & Property Development    Companies
  • Airport Terminals
  • Private and Public Colleges and Universities
  • Government Sectors and Municipalities
  • Defense and Protection Services
  • Factories and Commercial Companies
  • Shipyards and Ports

  • Network Switches, Routers and Load    Balancers
  • Intelligent Integrated Network Monitoring    Systems
  • Security Log Managers
  • Wireless Mobility Systems
  • AAA Subscriber/Guest Management System
  • Closed Circuit Camera (CCTV) and    Monitoring
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • FTTH Fiber Optics and Metro-E solution
  • Wireless Hotspot and Hotzone Solutions
  • Software Systems Development

The Innacomm Customer Premises Equipment(CPE) range of ADSL Routers and Residential Gateways is our own flagship product. Developed and Manufactured entirely in-house, these CPE’s has been enabling broadband across Malaysia for the last 6 years.

The Innacomm SLM® is a Suite of Software Modules that encompasses the IPv6 Initialization and Optimization Module that performs the IPv6 Compliance and Assessment.